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Formande, that is what I'm doing

Mostly it´s stone. Local limestone. I shape it the way it was formerly done: With a wooden club and chisel. The photo to the left shows a piece on its way to become. It should have become something else, but nature had other things in mind.

A professional should always be in charge for his work and its result, that's what I 've been told. Today, my way of work with the stone, is moore of a cooperating business, than a controlled one. Nature (the stone) is my "co-creator", and that is much more fun.

For me formande (as an activity) includes other materials as well as techniques . Click on the photo to see more stone sculpture. You can also see more at andersblog.formande.se



An experiment: The shaping of a house for meditation.

Is it possible to build a house from an idea instead of from a drawing?

It's sometimes said that the building is our coat.So if we go further out. What comes next village? Society? If we go inwards instead: What does it look like that is inside of our body?How does "indoors" interact with "outdoors"?

The photo shows the meditationhous with its pergola. Click on the photo if you wish to see more.

Anders Lundgren


Ok, formande. But who..?

My name is Anders. I live on Öland, a swedish island in the Baltic. I am a sculptor.

Click on the photograph to read some more about me.




The photo above shows a test; Does the prolonged flue function as it should? Yes, it does.

Ölandsspisen is complex, technical aswell as aestetic.

Click on the photo to see the stove installed and in function.



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